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writer  |  director  |  actor  |  believer


Alicia's lifelong passion for the arts, cultivated through her talent as an actress and dancer, evolved into a love for storytelling on both stage and screen. From early exposure to plays and musicals, she transitioned seamlessly from the stage to film, igniting a desire to not only perform but to write and direct.


In Alicia's own words, 'As a 'Creative' with diverse interests, visually bringing a story to life is exceptionally thrilling for me. Developing the vision, collaborating with the crew, and working with actors are all aspects I cherish in filmmaking. 


She has directed five short films and held key roles such as Executive Producer, Producer, Casting Director, and Locations Manager on diverse projects. Her most recent endeavor, "Willows," in which she took on the roles of writer, director, producer, and lead actor, stands as a testament to her multifaceted talents. Her outstanding performance earned her a Best Actress Nomination from the International Christian Film Festival and the film won Best Short at the Waco Family and Faith International Film Festival. Presently, Alicia is in the process of developing her first feature film.


At the helm of Alicia Redmond Envisions, her focus is to deliver compelling, inspirational, and family-friendly entertainment. Recognized as a local filmmaker, she has been featured on FOX19's Women Breaking Through series, and in 2023, Alicia received the Catalano Film Festival's Independent Filmmaker Award for the Tri-State area. 


Beyond her achievements in filmmaking, Alicia's dedication extends to community involvement. Through her developing non-profit program, she teaches underserved teens the fundamentals of filmmaking. She also serves as the Vice President of the Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective, a commitment to amplifying marginalized voices in media, and additionally, she is the founder of UNBOX.ED, an organization dedicated to empowering multi-creative people."


To envision something means to imagine what a situation will be like in the future, especially a situation you intend to work towards.

Envisioning also implies a conceiving or imagining that is especially clear or detailed. 

At Alicia Redmond Envisions, we pair our "VISIONS" with the PLANNING and WORK

it takes to see them come to fruition.

Projects in development include Willows (the series), a cozy mystery series, a romance film about a life coach helping a widow learn to "live' again to the dismay of her overprotective son, and a feature about a family of multi-generational women gathering for the matriarch's birthday when the gift of a bouquet of flowers begins to unravel secrets from the past.

If you are interested in supporting our projects as an ENVISIONARY, please click below.

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